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2020/2021 Today and Tomorrow

2020/2021 Today and Tomorrow

Dear Guests
2020 is now in the history books for us. We opened 6 weeks late, at 50% capacity, with the roof blown off of the office building (taking that entire building off line). We could only house 50% of the normal staff that we need. Everything seemed all doom and gloom.

As we wrap up this season, in my opinion, we have seen the genesis of a new Pisgah Inn. A better , more tranquil Pisgah Inn. Less quantity, more quality. Lots of potential exists for improvement and in keeping with the new normal. For 2021, you can expect as a hotel guest to have reservations for breakfast and dinner in the main dining room. Lunch will be open to the public and guests by reservations. The Grazing Deer Cafe will be open from early till late to take care of any in between needs and the throngs of drive through visitors. Hotel room rates will stay exactly as they were for 2019 and 2020. Breakfast in the main dining room is not included with your room rate, but is well worth experiencing.

We look forward to having you visit us next season. We open April 1. God Willing.

To all of our visitors and friends…

To all of our visitors and friends…

June 6, 2020.
To all of our visitors and friends…

It is hard to believe that 2 months ago, the leadership team at Pisgah Inn met to plan a survival garden and set up a chicken coop. We were preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Now, we are open and looking for more staff. How quickly things change.

We are open with some changes from previous seasons. The gift shop and the country store are open as usual. All CDC requirements are in place. You can feel comfortable here.

The lodge rooms are available with only 2 changes, one being limited housekeeping services. If you are staying more than one night, you will not get daily housekeeping service unless you request it. Let us know if you need extra towels, coffee, or any other amenity. The rooms are disinfected thoroughly after every checkout. The other change is that we now deliver a complimentary continental breakfast to your room daily. (Our main dining room is NOT open for breakfast).

The food service is different. We have 50% indoor dining capacity now. The main Dining Room is open for Lunch and Dinner, by advance reservation only. There are scheduled seatings for meal service. This could be seen as an improvement as the huge crowds and long waiting times are a thing of the past.
Our Grazing Deer Café (Grab and Go food and beverages) is now open from 7:30 am -9:30 pm daily. This is also an improvement.
We welcome all input and feedback. Tell us how we can do things better.
We are excited to be open again and look forward to seeing you this season.

Benjamin J. Kershner
Pisgah Inn Assistant General Manager

My Pillow may not be your pillow.

My Pillow may not be your pillow.

Hello from Pisgah Inn. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Please allow me to share something with you all. In our efforts to keep getting better, we listen to all the surveys and comment cards. The data shows that our guests have preferences for mattresses, and our guests have preferences for pillows (style, size, etc.). We want to please, so we now have different pillows available upon request. And it is not a hassle. Just call the desk or come by, and say, do you have smaller, bigger, softer, firmer, or whatever it is. We will strive to have the pillow you desire for you. I know it is not a big thing, but YOU have told us that it is important. So, we have taken this action. We welcome all input. Enjoy your stay with us.


The challenges of technology

The challenges of technology

Greetings Friends of Pisgah Inn

We are pleased to be open for our 2018 Season. Things are going well and visitors seem to be pleased with the improvements we made this past winter. On that note, please allow me to share a challenge we have and the ways we are attempting to meet it.

Technology is our challenge. The expectation of our guests these days is different than what it was when I first got here almost 40 years ago. Now, high speed internet, cable TV, and “connectivity” in general is in high demand. When I realized that this was becoming important, we immediately started looking for options.

Well, up here, we quickly found out we have some unique challenges. First, the buildings themselves do not lend themselves to WIFI. There is to much steel and concrete. Next, we do not get “cable” up here. Then, we found out the phone lines up here will not support what is expected by our guests. And the challenges go on and on.

A few years back, we were able to get a satellite TV system. It is now outdated and must be replaced. Our internet started out as a slow satellite connection and has more recently been converted to a “RF” (radio frequency) connection. It is ok, but not great.

A few years ago, we had to run cables into every room because the WIFI was simply not going to work. The cables improved things, but still not to the level our guests expect.

There is a challenge simply installing all of this stuff in a 50+ year old structure. We are doing all that can be done.

Please know that it is a priority for us in the near future to increase our connectivity and the quality of our technology service here. If it can be done, we will do it. I welcome your suggestions and comments.

By the way, I still do hear from the older guests that we do not need TV or internet or phones up here. They like the idea of NOT being connected. I get that, but……though I try, I cannot stop progress.

Enjoy the views from our newly designed Observation Deck

deck-2Our guests have long enjoyed the spring breezes, summer air, and fall foliage from our observation deck and now it is more spectacular. We have completely rebuilt and reengineered our deck and it’s ready for the upcoming season.
The much enlarged deck will provide you with more space to enjoy the unique views Pisgah has to offer. Relax while enjoying a glass of iced tea or your favorite wine. Whether you’re joining us for a meal in our beautiful dining room, spending a day or two in our lodge, or simply taking in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we feel sure you will enjoy it.

The Pisgah Inn continually strives to be the best and we all appreciate your continued support.
If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to call or email.

Pisgah Management

A note from Bruce to all of our Pisgah Inn guests about the pet policy.

I am a dog person. I used to have 5 dogs, though now I have less. I like animals. I enjoy taking my dogs in the woods, on hikes, to the lake, or just about anywhere in these beautiful mountains.

I get it.

We had 2 pet friendly rooms for the last few years. It was an experiment. We had many requests. We aim to please.

My only requirement was that the pets could not infringe on the “tranquility” that our guests come here for. I could deal with poop in the grass, skunked dogs being washed off in the tub, chewed up furniture and about anything else. I could not accept any infringement on the peace, quiet, and tranquility. We monitored and collected data (complaints).

Simply stated, no more pets. Sorry, I hate it, but it has to be. Quiet wins over barking.


Pisgah Inn Voted #1 Best National Park Lodge!

It was a hard-fought and extremely close battle between the top two lodges for the title, but in the end, Pisgah Inn of the Blue Ridge Parkway took home top honors, thanks in part to its beautiful mountain views and excellent meals. The Blue Ridge Parkway is part of the National Park Service. Runner-up Many Glacier Hotel, located inside Glacier National Park, boasts some of the most spectacular views of any national park lodge.
Pisgah Inn Wins Title of Best National Park Lodge

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