Our Country Store provides you with camping supplies and grocery items.

Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM Daily
Hours are shorter in the month of April.

Some of our Country Store offerings:

Welcome to Lumber Jill Firewood!  Family owned and operated since 2005.
We specialize in the professional and ethical harvest of firewood and bring warmth to hearths in Asheville and surrounding areas.
Our certified kiln dried 0.75 cu ft bundles meet and exceed the new Great Smoky Mountains National Park Firewood Regulations, meet and exceed the USDA APHIS standard, and are certified to be shipped to all 50 states including Florida.

Keep in mind, others can advertise their products as certified, but that does not mean it is dry. Our products are certified AND dry, with moisture content between 8-10%.  Others that meet the USDA Standard struggle to maintain 25% moisture content.  Our drying standards meet the highest in the nation.