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Open for the Season April 1, 2021

July 2021:  by order of Dep of Interior, masks are required in all federal buildings.   No exceptions.  As of August 7th, 2021, we are no longer serving menu take-out items.  “Grab-and-go” items are still available in the Café.

Pisgah Inn

Pisgah Inn is a quiet, natural place. Natural breezes and mountain views provide a comfortable atmosphere for our guests to enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains. Pisgah Inn has been accommodating guests since the first Pisgah Inn opened in 1919. Come for the food and stay for the views – or come for the views and stay for the food. Either way you will love the Pisgah Inn.

Or call 828-235-8228

Dining Is Open

We are serving lunch to the general public by reservation only, and up to 30 days in advance. Grab-and-go food is available in the Café. Dinner is reserved for hotel guests, also by reservation only. For more information please click here: Expectations

For information call 828-235-8228

Country Store & Gifts

The Country Store provides our adventurous guests with camping supplies and grocery items. Visit our beautifully appointed gift shop where you will find a selection of local crafts, souvenirs, T-shirts, as well as books, and maps to share with friends and family. No visit is complete without a stop at our country store.

Don't miss the country store!

Enjoy 180° views from our observation deck