2020/2021 Today and Tomorrow

Dear Guests
2020 is now in the history books for us. We opened 6 weeks late, at 50% capacity, with the roof blown off of the office building (taking that entire building off line). We could only house 50% of the normal staff that we need. Everything seemed all doom and gloom.

As we wrap up this season, in my opinion, we have seen the genesis of a new Pisgah Inn. A better , more tranquil Pisgah Inn. Less quantity, more quality. Lots of potential exists for improvement and in keeping with the new normal. For 2021, you can expect as a hotel guest to have reservations for breakfast and dinner in the main dining room. Lunch will be open to the public and guests by reservations. The Grazing Deer Cafe will be open from early till late to take care of any in between needs and the throngs of drive through visitors. Hotel room rates will stay exactly as they were for 2019 and 2020. Breakfast in the main dining room is not included with your room rate, but is well worth experiencing.

We look forward to having you visit us next season. We open April 1. God Willing.