Enjoy the views from our newly designed Observation Deck

deck-2Our guests have long enjoyed the spring breezes, summer air, and fall foliage from our observation deck and now it is more spectacular. We have completely rebuilt and reengineered our deck and it’s ready for the upcoming season.
The much enlarged deck will provide you with more space to enjoy the unique views Pisgah has to offer. Relax while enjoying a glass of iced tea or your favorite wine. Whether you’re joining us for a meal in our beautiful dining room, spending a day or two in our lodge, or simply taking in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we feel sure you will enjoy it.

The Pisgah Inn continually strives to be the best and we all appreciate your continued support.
If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to call or email.

Pisgah Management

A word about October crowds from Bruce.

23rd October, 2015 / From Bruce / 32 Comments

We know what October crowds are like…..each season, we get twice as busy in October. It is a challenge. Most of the visitor comments are good or better……occasionally we fall short. Usually, the chief complaint is our inability to handle the crowds. Or the inability to make room reservations because we are “always” full in October, Or, long waiting times in the restaurant. Generally less than .05% of the complaints are about the rooms, food or the staff / service.

Should we tell people not to come? Should we expand? How best to address the large crowds in October? How can we take care of the large crowds better? Those are the questions. I, personally, would value your input. Keep in mind we are in a National Park. There are limits to what is appropriate and necessary in the park, and there is the reality that any financial investment must have a chance of being recovered. Suffice to say, it is a challenge to balance preservation of the park against the visitor enjoyment of the park.

Please know that we are aware, and we are careful with our direction. My goal is to keep this place exactly what it has always been, only make it better every chance I can (based on what you tell us you want). I like the idea of a place you “can go back to” and it is as you remembered…not many of those left.

All that being said, let me apologize in advance if you had to wait for a table in the dining room…..also, if you can never get a room here in October, let me apologize for that too. We are doing all we can to give you a great memory and experience.


Pisgah Inn earns spot as one of 6 luxurious national park lodges!

22nd May, 2015 / News From The Inn / 4 Comments

Recently voted “Best National Park Lodge” by USA Today readers, this beloved North Carolina inn is on the Blue Ridge Parkway – the second most visited national park unit, which include historical sites, national monuments, recreation areas and national military sites. All 51 rooms come with balconies and a pair of rocking Adirondack chairs, and they’re designed to emphasize the 50-mile valley views.   Read More

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A note from Bruce to all of our Pisgah Inn guests about the pet policy.

10th May, 2015 / From Bruce / 24 Comments

I am a dog person. I used to have 5 dogs, though now I have less. I like animals. I enjoy taking my dogs in the woods, on hikes, to the lake, or just about anywhere in these beautiful mountains.

I get it.

We had 2 pet friendly rooms for the last few years. It was an experiment. We had many requests. We aim to please.

My only requirement was that the pets could not infringe on the “tranquility” that our guests come here for. I could deal with poop in the grass, skunked dogs being washed off in the tub, chewed up furniture and about anything else. I could not accept any infringement on the peace, quiet, and tranquility. We monitored and collected data (complaints).

Simply stated, no more pets. Sorry, I hate it, but it has to be. Quiet wins over barking.


Greetings from high atop the Pisgah Ridge.

10th May, 2015 / From Bruce / 1 Comment

Greetings from high atop the Pisgah Ridge. We are enjoying a beautiful spring and looking forward to an even better summer and fall. The flowers are at their early bloom stages now. Should be beautiful for the Rhodos and Azaleas right up till the first week in June. We are busy. The restaurant reviews are better than ever. We continue to make semi major improvements as we move forward. This is year #1 of our new 10 year contract. We hope we make you happy.


18th April, 2015 / News From The Inn / No Comments

Come and Relax

Pisgah Inn Voted #1 Best National Park Lodge!

9th April, 2015 / News From The Inn / No Comments

It was a hard-fought and extremely close battle between the top two lodges for the title, but in the end, Pisgah Inn of the Blue Ridge Parkway took home top honors, thanks in part to its beautiful mountain views and excellent meals. The Blue Ridge Parkway is part of the National Park Service. Runner-up Many Glacier Hotel, located inside Glacier National Park, boasts some of the most spectacular views of any national park lodge.
Pisgah Inn Wins Title of Best National Park Lodge

Winners of the Best State Park, National Monument, National Park Hike, National Park Lodge, and National Wildlife Refuge Video

Pisgah truly is a magical place

18th February, 2015 / News From The Inn / No Comments

Recently, we received an email from a guest telling us of a cherished memory he had from his childhood at the Pisgah Inn. It really got us thinking about our heritage here. Pisgah has touched so many lives. Most of whom we will never know. We want you to know how much it means to us to hear your stories. It reminds us of our mission, of our vision, to ensure that every guest leaves with a positive memory that will last a lifetime.

We believe that Pisgah truly is a magical place, and we know that we must do what we can to foster an environment in which that magic can thrive. We have a legacy and we need to never forget it. Although we are constantly striving to improve, we hope to never change the things that make this place so special. We hope that you will come and make more memories with us.

Can you believe only two and a half more months until we open?!

Thank you so much,

Bruce O’Connell – Concessionaire
Susan Johnston – General Manager
Ian Drobka – Food & Beverage Director