Happy Holidays to all of you.

I hope you are well.

As you are a special person (if you are reading this), I feel you deserve preferential treatment where possible. Thus, I want to share with you all some of the improvements we are doing this winter. They have not been made public yet, but they are happening.

We have removed all the remaining carpets from the hotel rooms and have installed hard surface wood flooring. We have committed to a $65,000 solar Photo Voltaic Array on the roof of Treetop building. We are improving the free employee WIFI to make it faster and better. We are completing the employee lounge (connects to the new employee laundry area at the dorms). We have purchased all new dining room tables and chairs (wait till you see them). We are expanding the observation deck…..you will not believe the design. It is great. We are installing fire suppression sprinklers in all buildings. Also, we are sprucing up all hotel and dorm rooms with new paint, furnishings where needed, and other repairs.
Needless to say…exciting. All in an effort to make Pisgah Inn even better at giving the visitors and you a great experience.
Have a good winter.



Great Job over The Memorial Day Holiday….

I cannot keep myself from beaming. You, the cast and crew at Pisgah Inn, have stepped up your game. What a great job each and everyone of you did this past holiday weekend. Have you seen the visitor surveys, comment cards, and trip advisor reports? These pieces of “data” do not lie. Read them. Easy links from this section of our web site (just for your use).

You all are the best. That is what makes Pisgah Inn the best. YOU!!!!



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