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Greetings from high atop the Pisgah Ridge.

Greetings from high atop the Pisgah Ridge. We are enjoying a beautiful spring and looking forward to an even better summer and fall. The flowers are at their early bloom stages now. Should be beautiful for the Rhodos and Azaleas right up till the first week in June. We are busy. The restaurant reviews are better than ever. We continue to make semi major improvements as we move forward. This is year #1 of our new 10 year contract. We hope we make you happy.

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  • Becky Huskey July 14, 2015 at 12:32 am

    I recently read where you are no longer allowing pets at the lodge. I was very sad to hear this as I am a dog owner. But I do understand that our pets can sometimes annoy those who do not enjoy pets. We have stayed several times at the lodge, not bringing our pets. We spent our honeymoon with you back in 1986.

    On our last visit I was greatly disturbed by the language that I had to endure while sitting on the balcony of our room in the evening. Our next door neighbors could not carry on a descent conversation without using profanity. I would have much more enjoyed hearing their dog bark occasionally. Some people have no respect for themselves or those around them.

    We are coming back. Already have reservations for anniversary celebration. See you then.

    Becky Huskey


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